What to expect when you call for AFTER-HOURS EMERGENCY SERVICE: After hours are considered any weekday after 4:30pm and all weekends and holidays.

Call 330-545-3722 Or 800-729-7742 (800-SAY-PRICE).

An automated voice will answer the phone and tell you that our office is now closed. If this is an EMERGENCY PRESS 1 OR for NON-EMERGENCY CALLS or GENERAL MESSAGES PRESS 2. When number 1 is pressed for emergency, the call will be forwarded to a live operator.

The Operator Will Ask The Following Questions:

Phone Number
Nature of the call
Are you are an existing customer?

If You Are An Owner Of One Of Our Care Plans, Please Tell The Operator.

The operator will dispatch the call to a Price “On Call” technician. Once received, our technician will return a call to the number provided. The qualified technician will assess your emergency by asking you a few questions pertaining to the problem.

We strive for a quick response to an emergency call. However, the potential exists for our technician to already be on a call. He will return the call as soon as possible. Your patience is appreciated, you WILL be contacted by our “On Call” technician as soon as possible.