Wm. Price Heating & Cooling Assurance and Security Agreement Clarification Notice

As an annual maintenance agreement holder, you are already fully aware of the multiple benefits of annual maintenance of your HVAC system. Maintenance does not need to be performed “pre season” to be affective. Maintenance can be performed at any time during our heating or cooling season. The key to annual maintenance is to make sure that it is performed annually. Below is clarification on scheduling for our maintenance plans.

Maintenance Appointments

  • Annual maintenance is scheduled once during the heating season and once during the cooling season.
  • Annual maintenance is not a “pre-season” check up.
  • Furnace maintenance visits are scheduled August thru May.
  • Air Conditioner maintenance visits are scheduled March thru October.
  • Weather can play a major role in the ability for air conditioner maintenance to be performed. Some air conditioners require outdoor temperatures to be above 65-70 degrees.
  • Equipment must be accessible in order to properly complete your maintenance. Please make sure that any obstructions are kept clear of the equipment. Examples: furniture, boxes, weeds, nests.

Rescheduling Maintenance Appointments

  • Wm. Price reserves the right to reschedule a maintenance visit due to emergency. Examples: Heavy call load for agreement holders whose equipment is not working, weather constraints, or our Technician is off unexpectedly.
  • In the event maintenance needs to be rescheduled, Wm. Price Heating & Cooling will make every attempt to have you rescheduled as soon as possible.

Priority Service

As an annual maintenance agreement customer, you are given “Priority Service” over all non-agreement holding customers. Below is clarification on “Priority Service.”

  • Priority Service does not guarantee same day service.
  • Priority Service is for all emergency, non-maintenance calls.
  • Agreement holders are placed on the schedule before non-agreement holders, on a first come first serve basis.
  • Wm. Price Heating & Cooling makes every attempt to address your service call as quickly as possible.

We at Wm. Price Heating & Cooling value you as an agreement customer and appreciate your patience during the seasonal scheduling.

Thank you for your patronage